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Our heritage

Take one charismatic, impossibly handsome national war hero. Name your creation after him. Take tens of thousands of Italian prospectors who flocked to California during the great Gold Rush. To remind them of their homeland make your liqueur guess what colour? Add a recipe that reads more like a medieval elixir of herbs, plants, roots, barks, spices and flower seeds. Follow with a distillation process that’s closer to the creation of the finest perfume, than that of a spirit. Mix with equal measures of Italian flamboyance and audacity. Shake together vigorously with a liberal dash of passion and humour. And there you have it. The spirit of Italy. Galliano. Spirito Italiano.

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To create Galliano, Arturo Vaccari turned to Fratelli Maraschi SPA, a company established in 1888 in Torino. This area of Italy is famous for its prosecco, vermouth and aromatic wines. Today, Fratelli Maraschi is known as Maraschi & Quirici, situated in Chieri, a small town high in the foothills of the Italian Alps, just outside Torino. The location of Maraschi & Quirici is important, not only due to it being where Vaccari first created his liqueur in 1896, but because this is where so many of the herbs and spices used in Galliano grow. Though now residing in a modern factory, the standards of Maraschi & Quirici founders prevail. The distillers are celebrated for the quality of their extracts. To this day, Maraschi & Quirici shapes the essence of the incomparable taste and aroma of Galliano. Galliano is distilled in two small (less than 100 litres) traditional copper pot stills, which Maraschi & Quirici reserve for the production of this Italian spirit.

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Vaccari went to great lengths to ensure that every last detail of Galliano was symbolic of greatness. The bottle was no exception. The tall, slender shape with many tapered flat sides was inspired by the columns of the ancient temples of Rome and the mighty glory of the empire. Is it any coincidence that the elevated height of the Galliano bottle alone ensured that it was placed on the top shelf where it stood out above the rest? We think not.

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Pick your galliano moment

Galliano works especially well together with coffee. Spice up your after dinner moment with a Galliano treat next to your coffee, impress your guests with a liquid dessert like the original Galliano hot shot, or have a late night party with espresso martini cocktails.  More looking for the perfect easy summer afternoon coffee serve? Try our fresh iced coffee recipe’s.

Galliano Hot shot

The original Galliano Hot Shot is a surprisingly delicious, good looking after dinner treat. Want to impress your dinner guests? Here you go. You only need steady hands. In the bottom of the glass there is the golden Galliano liqueur with the finest vanilla hints. Using the backside of a spoon, carefully pour on top of the Galliano, hot filter brewed coffee. And again on top of the coffee whipped cream. It’s that ‘liquid dessert’ that’s never too much.

One part whipped cream

One part hot coffee

One part Galliano

Turn your dinner into a party