Espresso Tonic recipe

A refreshing, easy to make summer cocktail with a kick. The subtle sweetness of quinine balances the dark roasted, earthy flavours of Galliano Espresso. Together with the bright citrusy tones of tonic, it elevates the same flavours from your coffee, making it an absolute winner for the summer.

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Espresso Tonic ingredients

30 ml Galliano Espresso
30ml Espresso
60ml Tonic

1 oz Galliano Espresso
1 oz Espresso
2 oz Tonic

Alcohol content

0.7 units. A unit describes the amount of alcohol in your drink. The higher the number of units, the more alcohol is in your drink. Explore further.


Just 3 ingredients. Build ingredients into an ice-filled glass; start with a premium tonic. Garnish with lemon zest or wheel