L’Aperitivo Tonic recipe

This easy and refreshing cocktail is a delicious drink especially for when the weather starts to get hot. Fresh & bitter sweet.

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L’Aperitivo Tonic ingredients

50 ml Galliano L’Aperitivo
100 ml Tonic
Two squeezed lime parts

1,5 oz Galliano L’Aperitivo
3 oz Tonic
Two squeezed lime parts

Alcohol content

1.2 units. A unit describes the amount of alcohol in your drink. The higher the number of units, the more alcohol is in your drink. Explore further.


Build ingredients into an ice-filled glass. Garnish with lime wheel.

laperitivo tonic cocktail

What is an aperitivo cocktail?

Aperitivo cocktails are drinks that are typically consumed before a meal to stimulate the appetite and prepare the palate for food. The term “aperitivo” comes from the Italian word “aperitif,” which means “to open.”

What does the L'Aperitivo Tonic cocktail taste like?

The flavor profile of an aperitivo cocktail is complex and often sophisticated, with a balance of bitter, herbal, and sometimes slightly sweet flavors. This is because the bitterness of the ingredients is thought to stimulate the appetite, preparing the diner’s palate for food. Many aperitivo cocktails also have a lower alcohol content than other cocktails, as they are intended to be sipped slowly over a longer period of time. Aperitivo cocktails are often served with light snacks or finger foods to further stimulate the appetite before a meal.

What kind of aperitivo cocktails are there?

Examples of popular peritif cocktails: Spritz, Negroni or an Americano. These are just a few examples and there are many others to explore and enjoy. l’Aperitivo Tonic is created by Galliano and this simple and refreshing cocktail is a delicious drink especially when the weather starts to warm. Fresh and bittersweet.