Galliano Espresso


The eye-opening aroma of coffee is not exclusively reserved for mornings. Our espresso liqueur is the perfect way to keep drinking your favorite morning beverage in the evenings too. Coffee liqueur cocktails exist of a combination of bittersweet coffee and sweet liqueur. You can enjoy Espresso liqueur on its own as a simple after-dinner drink or add it to a cocktail to provide a robust earthy flavor. One thing is sure, our Galliano Espresso liqueur is a game changer in the coffee liqueur cocktails world.

Galliano Espresso is not like any coffee liqueur, but is a unique espresso liqueur with a more concentrated palate. The espresso liqueur contains two varieties of dark roasted coffee beans: 55% Arabica coffee beans from Colombia and Brazil and 45% Robusta coffee beans from India and Kenya. The Arabica coffee beans give a chocolaty creamy and delicate top note, while the Robusta contributes body and bitter coffee flavored tones. Therefore, the espresso liqueur is perfect for the deepest and most intense coffee liqueur cocktails with a balanced aroma.

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The full-flavored palate of Galliano Espresso liqueur is very close to that of a strong caffè corretto with dark chocolate covered and heavily roasted coffee beans. The oily espresso finish has an almost pepperminty freshness.


Galliano Espresso is the most awarded coffee liqueur: Double Gold (SFWSC), Excellent score & Great Value (Ultimate Spirits Challenge), 91 points Wine Enthusiast, 93 points by Beverage Testing Institute 2021, 91 points by Bartender Spirits Awards 2021.

Difford’s guide

Appearance: Clear, dark brown.
Aroma: Bitter chocolate and pungent dark roasted coffee with burnt toast and liquorice.
Taste: Full-flavoured, strong caffè corretto with dark chocolate covered heavily roasted coffee beans, notes of aniseed, coal dust, brazil nuts and burnt nut shells.
Aftertaste: Oily espresso, roasted nuts with lingering peppermint/aniseed-like freshness.

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Galliano Espresso Liqueur bottle


Espresso liqueur tastes amazing in coffee liqueur cocktails and we’d like to give you some inspiration for delicious recipes. The most popular one is by far the Espresso Martini, but there is more! If you’re feeling adventurous we recommend our iced coffee liqueur cocktails, such as the Espresso Iced Coffee. Do you like your drink strong? We’re sure our Coffee Old Fashioned will suit your palate. You’re a fan of Irish coffee? Our Italian Coffee cocktail is our twist on this well known drink.


Coffee liqueur cocktails have the benefit that they can be made with products that you most likely already have in your cabinets. For example, next to coffee you can add vodka, whiskey, different types of milk, sweetener, syrup, whipped cream or ice cream. Next to that you can use Galliano’s Espresso liqueur to elevate the cocktail with some deeper tones. Add your favorite ingredients according to its recipe in a cocktail shaker and shake to perfection.


Due to the rich and smooth taste, coffee liqueur cocktails can be perfect for any season of the year. Some people would believe that coffee liqueur is only used in cold-weather. Only after all, we do drink iced coffee and cold brew in summertime. Therefore we combine the best of both worlds: hot coffee cocktails for a cold winter day and iced coffee cocktails to cool off during the summer. Galliano’s Espresso liqueur is surprisingly versatile and plays well in any atmosphere. Create your favorite coffee flavored drink in cocktail form with Galliano Espresso.

One thing is for sure, and that is Galliano Espresso liqueur will elevate coffee liqueur cocktails to a whole new level. Experience the taste explosion yourself.

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