Galliano Amaretto


Galliano Amaretto is a rich and especially well-balanced almond liqueur. The bitter almond flavour is obtained by mixing the pure essence of bitter almonds with essential oils of geranium, rose and orris. Besides the familiar marzipan and bitter almond flavour, Galliano Amaretto contains hints of roasted cacao beans and Madagascar vanilla. The subtle note of sweet and sour cherries comes from the flesh and stones of the fruit. This elegant blend of aromas results in the most complex flavour of its kind. The distillate is left to age for a few weeks to develop the typical sweet, caramel and bitter aromas, which results in the unique feature of Galliano Amaretto.

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Galliano Amaretto has a luxurious, luscious flavour. Almond flavours are combined with hints of cherries, roasted cacao and vanilla

Galliano Amaretto liqueur bottle
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