Vanille Iced Coffee recipe

This Iced Coffee Cocktail is a the perfect easy summer afternoon treat! Made with just a few ingredients, you will want to sip on it always.

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Vanilla Iced Coffee ingredients

30 ml Galliano Vanilla
2 shots Fresh Espresso
Top with 30 ml cream

1 oz Galliano Vanilla
2 shots Fresh Espresso
Top with 1 oz cream

Alcohol content

0.7 units. A unit describes the amount of alcohol in your drink. The higher the number of units, the more alcohol is in your drink. Explore further.

Bartender’s note

Want a bit sweeter note?  Add sweetener while the coffee is still hot. Or add 10 ml simple syrup (or almons syrup) once the coffee is cold.


Make your coffee upfront and allow to cool off (store in refrigerator). When cold, build all ingredients into an ice-filled glass.

How to make a Vanilla Iced Coffee

Cocktail vanilla iced coffee