Hot Shot day 2023

Since 2021, a very special day is celebrated in honour of Galliano Hot Shots. This year, Hot Shot Day falls on November 24th and is celebrated at over 100+ bars worldwide.


Overnight, in the 1980s, the Galliano Hot Shot made its first appearance as the undisputed choice of a heart-warming drink. 15 ml Anisette was replaced with Galliano in Bosse Bergström’s entry shot for the Coffee Drink Competition in the Swedish mountains. He carefully poured on top of the Galliano liqueur hot filter brewed coffee and again on top of the coffee whipped cream. Galliano Hot Shot became so popular that to this day, many Northerners claim that the Galliano brand had to open a distillery in the middle of the Swedish forest to meet the demand!


Call some of your friends to get together. Meet them at your local bar and order a Hot Shot. Raise your glasses and toast a Happy Hot Shot Day!! For god’s sake, do not forget the song (Koka kaffe, vispa grädde, Hot Shot, Hot Shot, Hot Shot.  English version? Brew the coffee, whip the cream, Hot Shot, Hot Shot, Hot Shot. That’s the reason you should learn the song in Swedish). Feel free to use #HotShotDay if you want to post on social media and tag @Gallianococktails on Instagram.

All participating bars will of course first and foremost offer Hot Shots. You can also expect seeing Hot Shot trees with bottle sparklers on them, you will be able to listen to the newly released Hot Shot song (soon available on Spotify), and most importantly you will be able to EXPERIENCE the Hot Shot celebration moment at midnight!

The question is not to join or not to join. The question is what you will you be wearing so it fits the gold, black and white colours of the GALLIANO HOT SHOT!


Some of the bars participating in Hot Shot Day:

Spy Bar (Stockholm)

Laroy (Stockholm)

Mr French (Stockholm)

Röda Huset (Stockholm)

APO (Stockholm)

L’angolo (Stockholm)

Orangeriet (Stockholm)

Haymarket (Stockholm)

Wallmans (Stockholm)

Patricia (Stockholm)

Kasai (Stockholm)

Mello Yello (Malmö)

Runar (Helsinki)

The firm (Helsinki)

The cock (Helsinki)

ISM (Oslo)

Stavkroa (Hemsedal)

Raus Trondheim (Trondheim)

Loulou Bergen (Bergen)

Gorilla (Copenhagen)

Café side hustle (Copenhgen)

Winston (Gdansk)

Montownia (Gdansk)

Sababa (Krakow)

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About the Author

Marcin Cebula is the Nordic Galliano Ambassador. He loves this industry so much that it literally shines through. A true all – rounder who is a world championship flair bartending judge, expert on neurogastronomy and a geek passionate about new experiences and techniques. His life motto: “Always remember that you are absolutely unique…just like everyone else”.