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Cocktails made with diverse Galliano liqueurs

The digestif was once created for precisely what it sounds like – to start up the digestion after dinner. Yet, nowadays the digestif is the perfect compromise when one is full after a long meal with friends, but doesn’t want to leave the good company and has a slight appetite for something sweet. After a lovely meal, just a touch of sweetness and a higher alcohol percentage is welcomed, as this helps to bring a great time to a close or to start the party.

Now, how can you impress your dinner guests when the food is finished? Here’s a show-stopping suggestion: The Galliano hot shot. A surprisingly delicious and great looking after-dinner treat.

How to make this fantastic mini-cocktail? Easy. You need to pour one part each of Galliano, coffee and heavy cream. How do you do it then?  First we pour Galliano into a shot glass. Then we will layer coffee and cream on top of Galliano using a bar or teaspoon.  Dip the spoon into the Galliano (just the tip!) and carefully pour hot filter brewed coffee to create a beautiful layer. Do the same with lightly whipped heavy cream. Lightly whipped is the key word here! At last, you have succeeded and can enjoy the moment. At least two Hot Shots with at least one other person. See, having Hot Shots is a ritual.

That’s just the beginning though! If you really want to get the room excited, sing the hot shot song with your friends or randomly met new friends! Koka kaffe, vispa grädde, hot shot, hot shot, hot shot.  English version? Brew the coffee, whip the cream, hot shot hot shot hot shot. That’s the reason you should learn the song in Swedish. It sounds way more fun and whenever you come across Swedes anywhere in the world and sing this song, you will score some extra points, trust us on this one! Want to really steal the show? Just add a bottle sparkler to the Galliano bottle and present with the hot shots around it. You can also let your guest make the second hot shot themselves (remember, you rarely drink just one nor without friends around you!); Have fun, performing a layering competition is bringing it to another level!

Is layering not your thing and you want an even easier, yet delicious drink? Try the Galliano Italian Coffee, our twist of the well known Irish Coffee. Pour one part of your favorite Galliano flavour (Vanilla, L’Autentico, Sambuca white, Sambuca black, Amaretto) into an Irish whisky glass and fill up with freshly brewed coffee. Add some whipped cream and garnish with nutmeg- or cinnamon powder.

Still want to go easier? Just pour your favorite Galliano in a beautiful after dinner glass and serve it next to a hot and steamy coffee. You can have a Sambuca white or Sambuca black coffee, Vanilla or  Amaretto Coffee. All great typical Italian flavours to spice up your coffee moment and enjoy a long evening with friends and family around the table.

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Marcin Cebula is the Nordic Galliano Ambassador. He loves this industry so much that it literally shines through. A true all – rounder who is a world championship flair bartending judge, expert on neurogastronomy and a geek passionate about new experiences and techniques. His life motto: “Always remember that you are absolutely unique…just like everyone else”.